Our Iraqi Number

12 Nov

Buying an Iraqi Sim Card

To communicate easier with others in the country we decieded to buy our own Iraqi sim card to use with our mobile phone so we can have an Iraqi number. With Himan’s brother Hogir we went to one of the markets in town which was teeming with people shopping in preparation for the Islamic festival of Eid which begins next Tuesday.

After a tight parking job alongside someone’s stall, we wondered into what seemd to be the cell phone district with copius mobile phone stalls and shops all crammed into a single lane. Huge adverts for Nokia dominated billboards, looking down on the market square alongside more traditional food and trade stalls. In the centre of the market square was a bizarre hut with large fiberglass doves on top where three peshmerga veterans sat outside chatting.

The shop windows were covered in sheets of paper displaying phone numbers for sale. The better sounding numbers, those easier to remember fetch a higher price. We stopped at a shop and picked what seemed to be an ordinary number, which ended up being valued at 90,000 Iraqi dinars ($90, £60), shocked we negiotiated for a plain number for 15,000 Iraqi dinars ($15, £10). At the back of the shop was a small workbench littered with small parts and piled high with dismantled phones that were in the process of being fixed.

If anyone is interested in sending a message our plain number is (+964) 7503617801.

Picking out our number

The market square

Back of the mobile phone shop


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