Trip to Iraq

7 Nov

We are undertaking a collective endeavor as researchers and art professionals as well as individuals to travel to Iraq. The project is as much about the idea of partaking in the trip as it is the physical act of going.

Iraq is a place laden with many associations. The idea of traveling to such a site opens the potential to re-imagine and re-think what is supposedly given about a location. Through this blog we will share and document our activities, observations and encounters.

Our role in Iraq is that of the guest. As such we partake in a ritual of hospitality, which facilitates a reciprocal exchange between guest and host. On our trip we will be visiting galleries, institutions, universities, workshops and studios meeting artists, curators, art students and individuals. Enabling the potential to develop relationships and ideas together which could foster further collaboration.

Upon returning we plan to present the project at a number of events and talks which will provide opportunity to engage with different groups of people.

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